Friday, 29 May 2015

Digital and E-Commerce

Digital and E-Commerce gives you a greater understanding in digital marketing. All programmes are practical and give you tangible tools and techniques that can be used straight away and enable you to develop a focused online marketing strategy that can help your organisation increase sales and become more profitable. Organisations of all sizes today are depending on the impact of the fast evolving digital world and digital marketing to make their products more visible.

This course enables in applying digital technologies to new business models, new product attributes and new ecosystem combinations which enable multi-channel customer experiences and digital customer interactions, sales and channel distribution options and enhancing client productivity through digital technologies that enable new operating models, connected product platforms, analytics and collaboration capabilities.

Web designing, Social media marketing, Google advertising, ad words, Search engine Optimization..Etc. are few areas in Digital & E-commerce Business Management.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Business Analytics Specialization

The specialization in Business Analytics teaches the use of data and models to support decision making in business. Students learn how to model such relationships as the impact of advertising on sales, how historical data predict stock returns and how changes in task characteristics can influence time to completion. Broad understanding and knowledge of important business analytic topics and how they can be used to support decision making in all business areas, government, education, and agriculture. Technical procedures used to describe, predict and prescribe data into information for decision making. Data exploration and how it results in a sequence of descriptive, predictive and prescriptive processes to result in unique and new information on which decisions can be made.
In this specialization, the focus is in learning skills like Data Mining for Business Intelligence, Decision Models, Econometrics, Forecasting Time Series Data, Introduction to Stochastic Processes, Managing for Quality, Risk Management Systems, Trading Strategies and Systems, Regression and Multivariate Data Analysis.
By building stronger analytical skills, management students will be able to tackle complex business and societal problems such as predicting and better understanding customer buying trends, optimizing organizational design, collecting and processing competitive intelligence, building an efficient healthcare system, improving retail sales, or helping brand managers gather critical feedback on the success of a marketing campaign. Some of the topics that will be discussed in this course include Big Data, Strategy Simulation Modelling and Decision Models, Data Mining, Strategy Analytics, Prediction, Social Media Analytical Tools, and Data Visualization.

Human Resource management specialization

Human Resource Management is specialized function dedicated to the entire gamut of activities concerning people. Very broadly, the Human Resource Management area can be divided into five areas.

·         1. Manpower planning
·         2. General HR
·         3. Compensation and Benefit management
·         4. Training and Development
·         5. Strategic HR

With a specialization in human resources, you'll learn to analyze human resource data trends and issues from a global perspective. You'll also learn how to integrate human resource management and business best practices to enable human capital acquisition, development and retention. you need to certify yourself in HRIMS,SAP-HRM and usage of social media technologies like linkedin to build an organization human capital.

It is designed for students who wish to develop the interpersonal and management skills needed to advance to levels of leadership in their companies, as well as develop a long-term perspective and value system which will serve them their entire careers. Students in the program will improve their skills in managing people and organizational systems, build their leadership capabilities, and become well versed in team building and employee motivation. The program builds knowledge of how business strategy affects organizational interaction with the marketplace and how to structure the workplace to enhance organizational growth and productivity.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Finance specialization

A specialization in finance offers insight into how financial markets function. A management graduate with a finance specialization learns a variety of subjects like corporate finance, costing, budgeting, international finance, working capital management, investments and securities etc.

Beyond this, a student can have certifications on application of technologies like oracle financials in the area of financial decision making.

With increased financial liberalization a wide array and wide variety of jobs are available for students with specialization in finance. He/she can be working in the corporate finance function of a major manufacturing organization looking after management of funds for that corporate and dealing with banks and other financial lending institutions etc.

Finance specialization has an option of working with leading banks or with leading non- banking finance companies or leading finance companies other than banks. He also has options of working as a securities analyst or working with brokerage firms and dealing in buying and selling securities. Operations in the security market or the stock market are the biggest industry in India. With increased opening up of the Indian financial market and increased international money pouring into the Indian stocks the option available for finance specialization student are endless. Same is true of a person dealing in foreign currency transaction either in bank or  in a manufacturing company.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Marketing specialization

The importance of marketing has changed the shape of the business world along with the fast paced technological evolution that has been taking place. An emphasis in marketing provides students with critical, detail-oriented thinking, and strong analytical skills. Marketing emphasizes creativity, but the ability to analyze and interpret data is equally important.

Students pursuing the marketing specialization take courses addressing aspects such as consumer behavior, marketing research, channel management and pricing, plus product and brand management. Through these courses, students come to acquire an in-depth understanding of classic concepts as well as new ideas in marketing. Students also acquire insights into the practice of these ideas, beyond this students  should focus on few certifications on application of technologies like Sales force (CRM) in the functional area of marketing and digital marketing enhances the employability.

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How to choose a specialization

The first and foremost thing in choosing a specialization is about your interest and passion in that management vertical to you want to choose and prosper. Understanding one's personality, strengths and weaknesses is a must while making choice of specialization.
There is no shortcut for success. The faithful combination of the specialization and the associated industry or sector makes a difference in terms of individual success. But let us be honest to ourselves that it will require considerable hard work to succeed for any specialization we choose.
In Management, People often go with specializations driven by the trends currently available in the market. But anything which has a seasonality feature will always have to face the other side of the coin . It is all about up’s and down’s in the Industry. Considering our career, what we specialize in should have a long term perspective and should possess good number of opportunities of employability and sustainability.
Students should deeply analyze the subjects and certifications that are covered under each specialization. Your observation at a minute level will help both in choosing the right specialization, developing specific skill set required for the current industry needs.
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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

About Specialization

A generic PGDM program, the first and the second year of which are separated by the summer internship, orients the students to the Industry requirements and business in an integrated manner.

All introductory MBA courses are taught in the I and II semesters Later in the III semester, they are also introduced to the specialized areas.

In the second year, the students have to choose from a variety of specialization choices. There are many specializations which can be broadly classified in to two types Functional and Industry based.

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