Monday, 25 May 2015

Human Resource management specialization

Human Resource Management is specialized function dedicated to the entire gamut of activities concerning people. Very broadly, the Human Resource Management area can be divided into five areas.

·         1. Manpower planning
·         2. General HR
·         3. Compensation and Benefit management
·         4. Training and Development
·         5. Strategic HR

With a specialization in human resources, you'll learn to analyze human resource data trends and issues from a global perspective. You'll also learn how to integrate human resource management and business best practices to enable human capital acquisition, development and retention. you need to certify yourself in HRIMS,SAP-HRM and usage of social media technologies like linkedin to build an organization human capital.

It is designed for students who wish to develop the interpersonal and management skills needed to advance to levels of leadership in their companies, as well as develop a long-term perspective and value system which will serve them their entire careers. Students in the program will improve their skills in managing people and organizational systems, build their leadership capabilities, and become well versed in team building and employee motivation. The program builds knowledge of how business strategy affects organizational interaction with the marketplace and how to structure the workplace to enhance organizational growth and productivity.

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